Large four acre estate lots are located in Sassafras neighborhood. The 16 lots border Lake Opal and wooded areas. The homes have a minimum sq. ft. of 2800 with no maximum. The street is lined with the Graywood white railed fence to provide a rural estate atmosphere and private ponds.



NOTE: This supplement in addition to and not in lieu of the general requirements of the Design Guidelines. Specific areas where variances are allowed are outlined below. Except as amended or modified for the neighborhood identified above, the General Design Guidelines shall apply.

Square Footage Requirements: Based on the Air- Conditioned (Living ) Square Footage

Main Dwelling/Residence:

Minimum: 2800 sq. feet

Maximum: N/A

Outbuildings/Accessory Structures:

Minimum: No requirements

Maximum: 1500 sq. feet for each building

NOTE: All square footage numbers refer to air conditioned living space.

Finished floor elevations shall meet FEMA’s flood plain requirements and, in no case, shall that elevation be less than eleven (11) feet above mean sea level.
No variance.

Windows should be of a size and design appropriate to the architectural character of the house. Windows should be approximately a 2 to 1 proportion height to width. Various styles such as a double hung, casement or awning are acceptable if compatible with the style of the house. Examples of acceptable window pane arrangements are 1/1, 2/1, 3/1, 4/1, 2/2, 6/6, or 6/9. There the first number is the upper sash and the second number is the lower sash of the window. These window configurations are required on all facades of the home. Windows may be prefinished aluminum, painted wood, clad wood or other approved material if sized, proportioned and finished to look like painted wood. Window screens are allowed but must cover both upper and lower sashes..

The Graywood recommended jamb trim is 4 inches wide measured from the edge of the trim to the edge of the glass. The 4 inch dimension is normally achieved by adding a brick mold or other trim to the window. In recent years the window manufacturers have produced a standard trim that measures 3 inches wide. Graywood will accept a manufactured window that measures 3 inches as the minimum width. The 6 inch trim reference at the head of the window is amended to 3 inches. Please see picture at end of the booklet for clarification. Non-shuttered windows visible from the street shall have a more decorative head and sill treatment.

All windows will be energy efficient thermal glass, warranted, factory units. Exterior storm windows will not be permitted. All window mullion will be permanent and constructed of full profile (minimum 3/4″ width, minimum 3/8″ projection) mullion bars. Pop out mullions will not be accepted. Mullion grid patterns must remain uniform from window to window. Exceptions must be preapproved by the NCC.

Assorted window styles will be discouraged on an individual home (i.e., cathedral fan arches mixed with the flat spring arches). Different color windows on a home is discourage and must be preapproved by the NCC. In no case will different color windows be allowed on the front or corner elevation of a home. Only custom, feature, view windows will be allowed to remain muntinless. Double hung windows (non TDL) will not be allowed. Windows should be recessed from the wall to provide a shadow line.

Windows should be clear glass. No reflective glass or reflective tinting should be used. Stained glass windows and Victorian style doors are not allowed.

Bright-finished or bright-plated metal exterior doors, windows, window screens, louvers, exterior trim or structural members shall not be permitted.

Arched and half-round windows are to be used only if they are indigenous to the architectural style of the house.

Roofs for main dwelling or structures shall be in conformance with the Architectural Guidelines for Graywood. All construction details for outbuildings/accessory structures, including roof materials, soffits, and roof pitch shall be submitted to the NCC of the Graywood Homeowners Association for review and approval.
Maximum building height for any main dwelling or residence shall be 40 feet as measured from the top of the foundation slab. Building Heights for all outbuildings/accessory structures shall be as determined by the NCC.
All other Architectural Standards shall be in conformance with the Architectural Standards for Graywood. All modifications must be presented to the NCC for review and approval.



Front setbacks

The front setback for all residences or dwellings, with the exception of the residence on Unit 11, shall be a minimum of 100 feet from their front property lines. Due to the location of a pipeline right-of-way, the front setback of any residence or dwelling on Unit 11 shall be a minimum of fifty feet from its front property line.

Side setbacks

Although no particular side setback is stated, each residence or dwelling within Sassafras shall be located so that each residence or dwelling is centered within the Owner?s Unit. The side setback of the residences or dwelling shall be of equal distance on either side of the residence or dwelling.

Setback Requirements for Outbuildings/Accessory Structures

The location of any outbuilding/accessory structure on any Unit within Sassafras shall be subject to the review and approval of the NCC. Each Owner shall submit a site plan indicating the proposed location of such structures setting forth the particular location and the distance from the Unit’s property lines.

Fencing on any Unit within Sassafras shall be subject to and in conformance with the Architectural Standards of Graywood. The erection of fencing on the front property line of any Unit shall be mandatory and the responsibility of the Owner. Fencing must be the standard Graywood fencing design. In addition, unless required by the City of Lake Charles, no fence shall be more than six feet in height.

Enclosures around pools or for the keeping or storing of dogs or horses shall require the review and approval of the NCC. Prior to the construction of an enclosure, the Owner shall submit to the NCC detailed plans outlining the design, color, materials, and location of any proposed enclosure. All enclosures shall be in conformance with any state or Calcasieu Parish regulations or any other applicable local regulations. With respect to enclosures for horses, each Owner must be in conformance with City Ordinance Section 4.5, which requires that each horse enclosure shall be located at least 150 feet from any neighboring residence. Horse enclosure design shall be the Graywood fencing design.

The use of chain link fence is prohibited; however, the NCC may grant a variance for the use of such fencing after a period of review and approval. If a variance is granted allowing the use of chain-link fencing, such fences shall not be visible from any common area, road, golf course, or adjacent Unit. In addition, the fence must be black coated and screened with the use of landscaping on the inside of the property line.

Thru-wall or window air-conditioning units in main dwellings or residences shall be prohibited. The use of thru-wall or window air-conditioning units shall be limited to outbuilding or accessory structures.

All other Site Standards shall be in conformance with the Architectural Standards for Graywood.

Cost of Landscaping

The total cost for landscaping each Unit shall be equal to or exceed 3% of the appraised value of the Unit and any dwelling or structure located thereon. Front yards, including along any driveways, walkways, and front entryways of dwellings shall be landscaped by the Owner, and the cost of such landscaping shall be equal to or exceed 1% of the appraised value of the Unit and any dwelling or structure located thereon.

Location of Sod

Owners shall sod the front and side yards of any Unit and such sod shall be located from the edge of the dwelling or residence and extend for a distance of 35 feet. The placement of sod in the back yard of any Unit is not required, but if sod is not used, the back lawn shall be sprigged or seeded a distance of 35 feet extending from the building edge of the dwelling or residence


Irrigation of the lawn area of a Unit is not required; however, if any planting beds are located on a Unit, such planting beds shall be irrigated.


Exterior screening of air-conditioning units, trash containers, and any mechanical and utility equipment with landscaping of sufficient size to screen such items from the view of any street or neighboring Unit shall be required.

Excavation on Units

Excavation on any Unit shall be prohibited; however, excavation for a pond may be allowed if a variance is granted by the NCC. To request a variance for excavation of a pond, a detailed site plan evidencing the location and an application setting forth the methods of excavation and the disposal of excavated material shall be provided to the NCC for review.

Landscaping Outbuildings

Landscaping around or surrounding outbuildings/accessory structures shall not be required, but is recommended. If an Owner undertakes to landscape around an outbuilding or accessory structure, such plans shall be submitted to the NCC for review and the plans shall be in conformance with the Architectural Standards for Graywood.

Additional Guidelines for Sassafras

Livestock Restrictions: Livestock shall not be permitted in Sassafras. No Owner may keep, store, or shelter any livestock within any Unit within Sassafras. Notwithstanding this provision, each Owner may keep or store up to two horses within Sassafras, so long as the Owner meets all applicable rules and regulations regarding the keeping and enclosing of horses as set forth in the Architectural Guidelines, these Supplemental Architectural Guidelines, and any applicable city ordinance.