Large four acre estate lots are located in Sassafras neighborhood. The 16 lots border Lake Opal and wooded areas. The homes have a minimum sq. ft. of 2800 with no maximum. The street is lined with the Graywood white railed fence to provide a rural estate atmosphere and private ponds.



NOTE: This supplement in addition to and not in lieu of the general requirements of the Design Guidelines. Specific areas where variances are allowed are outlined below. Except as amended or modified for the neighborhood identified above, the General Design Guidelines shall apply.

Square Footage Requirements: Based on the Air- Conditioned (Living ) Square Footage

Main Dwelling/Residence:

Minimum: 2800 sq. feet

Maximum: N/A

Outbuildings/Accessory Structures:

Minimum: No requirements

Maximum: 1500 sq. feet for each building

NOTE: All square footage numbers refer to air conditioned living space.

Finished floor elevations shall meet FEMA’s flood plain requirements and, in no case, shall that elevation be less than eleven (11) feet above mean sea level.