The following list summarizes those design elements which the New Construction Committee (NCC) requires:

  1. Preservation of the natural character of the site.
  2. Use of certified professionals, when possible, qualified in the fields of planning, architecture, landscape architecture, engineering, surveying, and construction.
  3. Emphasis on thoughtful architectural designs that exude warmth, artistic taste, and foster indigenous Southwest Louisiana design concepts to enhance a harmonious blend between the man-made environment and the natural character of Graywood.
  4. Architectural elements that complement and reinforce the natural characteristics of the site including steeply pitched roofs of varying heights with large overhangs, window openings, porches, and patios. An abundant use of glass, including dormers, clerestory windows, bay and bow windows. Careful and sensitive detailing on entrances, fascias, soffits, gable ends, above doors and windows is desired. Finally, an emphasis on materials such as brick, stone, stucco or wood, and overall, high-grade, quality construction.

Limitations of Responsibilities

The primary goal of the NCC is to review the application, plans, specifications, contractors, materials, and samples submitted and to determine if the proposition conforms in appearance and construction criteria with the standards and policy as set forth by the NCC. The NCC does not assume responsibility for the following:

  1. The structural adequacy, capacity or safety features of the proposed improvement or structure.
  2. Soil erosion, uncompactable or unstable soil conditions, or site/drainage elevations.
  3. Compliance with any or all building codes, safety requirements, governmental laws, regulations or ordinances.
  4. Performance or quality of work of any contractor.
  1. The NCC will evaluate each of the housing units submitted by an Owner on adherence to the design criteria and performance and quality standards set forth in the Design Guidelines and compatibility of the design with the adjoining sites and common spaces.
  2. The NCC will interpret the standards at the request of the Owners. If conflicts arise in meeting these standards, the NCC will review and evaluate the conditions.
  3. The NCC has the right to grant variances from the Design Guidelines in accordance with the Declaration of Covenants, Conditions, and Restrictions.
  4. The NCC shall have the right to monitor and overview the design and construction process in order to ensure conformance with the approved documents and the standards set forth in these Design Guidelines.
  5. The NCC shall review each submittal and respond, authorizing the continuation through the next phase of the review process. Unapproved submissions shall be revised and resubmitted for review and approval. Approval will be in writing and shall in no way relieve the Owner of his responsibility and liability for adherence to any applicable ordinances and codes.
  6. The NCC will have approval rights of all builders
  7. The NCC may, at its own discretion, approve or disapprove any proposal based on the projects appropriateness to the Graywood community.
  8. The NCC has the sole right to determine compliance with the Guidelines during the review and construction process. If, in the opinion of the NCC, an owner is not abiding by the guidelines as set forth herein, the NCC shall have the right to make corrective measures using the deposit monies set forth.

The following is an outline of each phase of the design review process and submittal requirements for each phase.

Pre-Design Conference

Upon the selection of a lot or lots and prior to the beginning of a preliminary design, it is strongly recommended that the owner consult with an architect/landscape architect/engineer to avoid delays because of improper site planning. Subsequent to this it is required that a pre-design conference be held with the NCC. At this point it is recommended that the consultants should have taken into consideration the way a lot faces the street, existing trees, adjoining houses, street settings, and other details prior to actual design of a residence. In short, a residence should be designed to fit a particular lot with site planning being an important consideration in accenting design.

At this time the lot owner shall make available the following:

  1. A general description of the lot.
  2. General information, including but not limited to the lot owner’s name, address and contact person, landscape architect, architect, engineer, builder, and other consultants.
  3. A schedule to show anticipated planning and design time frame and the beginning and completion of construction.
  4. Photographs of the lot and existing homes on either side and across the street from the proposed home.
  5. Builder qualifications.

Initial Design Review

Owner must submit to The Graywood NCC the following:

  1. Initial Design Review Application and review fee of $250.00 and two sets of the following:
    A site survey of the lot at a minimum scale of 1”= 20’. Base data pertaining to lot lines, topography at a contour interval of 1 foot, easements, all existing vegetation, etc. are to be shown on the survey.
  2. Preliminary site plan. Indicate location of structures, driveways, walks, swimming pools, walls, enclosures, decks, all lot utilities, etc. Scale to be a minimum of 1”= 20’. Show all setbacks and proposed pad elevations in relationship to street elevations. The Site Plan must show all existing tree masses indicating which are to remain and which will be removed.
  3. Preliminary floor plan drawn to a 1⁄4” scale indicating room sizes and intended uses.
  4. Proposed elevations and sections of all sides of the proposed structure, together with the roof pitches, heights of structures, chimneys, etc.

Square footage must be indicated on the plans in the following manner:

  • First Floor
  • Second Floor (if applicable)
  • Garage
  • Patio, Decks, Courtyard, etc.
  • Schedule to show time frame of construction.
  • Builder Qualifications

The Committee will review the application and design documents within ten business days of the established submittal day and return one set of plans to the owner with the appropriate comments.

The owner must submit the final construction plans (two sets), material samples, and color chips as follows: NO INCOMPLETE PACKAGES WILL BE ACCEPTED

  1. Major Design Review Application.
  2. Final Site Plan:
    Scale 1”= 20’ (minimum)
    Property lines
    Easements, right-of-ways, and setbacks
    Driveways, sidewalks, and walkways
    Drainage/ proposed grading plan with percentage of slope
    Location of structure
    Pools, decks, patios
    Existing grade/ finished floor elevations
    Existing tree locations and sizes
    All utility routing and equipment including: Power, Water, Sewer, Phone, Cable TV, etc.
    Fences and/or walls
    Mechanical equipment location
    Trash unit location
    Dimensioned building location, driveways, walks, patios, etc.
    Swimming pools
  3. Final Floor Plans:
    Scale 1⁄4” = 1’
    Finished Floor Elevation
    Complete mechanical plan including location of equipment
    All electrical including any exterior lighting
  4. Final Exterior Elevation
    Scale 1⁄4”= 1’
    Plans must show all four elevations of the residence, doors, windows, fences, mechanical equipment and any surface mounted exterior lighting fixtures. Note: If the Committee deems the elevation to be unusual in design, it may require a colored rendering or scaled model of the structure.
  5. Final Building Details Scale 1⁄4”=1’ (minimum)
    Building sections
    Detail roof sections, pitch, type
    Detail wall sections
    Detail fascia and trim
    Mail receptacle design (Multi-family only)
    Exterior Colors/ Finishes/ Materials:
    Manufacturers/ models
    Product samples/ photos
    Color chips
  6. Landscape Plan and Irrigation Plan including final grading and existing trees and plantings to remain and to be removed.
    Scale 1”= 10’
    Drainage patterns
    Easements and right- of-ways
    Existing trees (4” diameter)
    Complete Irrigation Plan
    Plant list with quantities, size, and plant spacing
    Plant material locations
    Site and accent lighting details
    Surface material
    Boundaries of all landscape treatments including sod and planting areas
  7. Cost estimate for building construction and site/landscape improvements.
  8. Estimated Construction Schedule
  9. Builder Qualification
  10. Licensed Contractor deposit of ½% of the total cost of the project including lot
    Self Contractor deposit of ½% of the total cost of the project including lot
    New Home deposit $500.00 – Improvements
    (See note next page for return of deposit)

The NCC will review all design documents and return one set of plans to the Owner within ten business days with the appropriate comments.

The lot Owner shall submit two complete sets of working drawings including specifications for final review to ensure adherence to the approved preliminary design before making any submissions to any governmental authority. Any subsequent changes required to comply with applicable codes must be resubmitted for approval. Any changes in material samples shall be submitted. A construction and completion schedule shall be included. The Committee may request a meeting to discuss modifications of the drawings or the specifications. After approval, the NCC will return one set of approved documents to the Lot Owner.

Survey/ Certificate of Occupancy/ Construction Deposit

Upon completion of construction the following will be submitted to the NCC:

  1. Final Survey showing as-built conditions of the following:
    Lot corners
    Driveways and driveway aprons
    Sidewalks and walkways
    Pools, decks, and patios
    Easements and right-of-ways
    Elevations for ground floor of residence
  2. Certificate of Occupancy
  3. Upon receipt of the above items and final inspection by the Committee to ensure compliance with all Committee criteria and policies, the Committee will return the participating builder’s construction deposit. All deposits will be returned less any deduction required by the developer to satisfy the standards as set forth in the Design Guidelines.
A Modifications Committee (MC) may also be appointed by the Board of Directors or the Master Developer. The MC shall consist of at least three (3) and no more than five (5) members. The MC shall have exclusive jurisdiction over modifications, additions, or alterations made on or to existing residences or structures in accordance with the Covenants, Conditions, and Restrictions.

The Modification Committee (MC) has deamed at this time to make an alteration in accordance with the covenants, conditions, and resolutions. All exsisting home modifications in excess of $5000 will be subject to a $50 non-refundable evaluation fee and a refundable $500 construction deposit. The construction deposit will be refunded upon a Graywood final inspection and approval of said modifications.

In addition to this language landscaping is also part of this modification. Also when the homeowner(s) landscaping goes through the approval process it is at that time deamed approved for that contractor. If that changes, another draw must be submitted for approval and a $50 fee for the process of that recommendation or any other.

Please fill out, print, and sign the forms below for any Initial Design Reviews, Major Design Reviews or Modification Requests.

Initial Design Review Form

Major Design Review Form

Modification Request Form