Azalea is a neighborhood of 40 patio homes surrounded by Lake Opal. Randy Tupper Homes was the developer of this neighborhood and has captured the free style living of today’s care free individuals.



NOTE: This supplement in addition to and not in lieu of the general requirements of the Design Guidelines. Specific areas where variances are allowed are outlined below. Except as amended or modified for the neighborhood identified above, the General Design Guidelines shall apply.

Architectural Standards: See pre-approved Azalea plans. All modifications to the Azalea plans must be presented to the New Construction Committee (NCC) for approval.

Minimum Square Footage – 1800 sq. feet

Minimum Square Footage – 1400 sq. feet (for first floor in a two story residence)

Maximum Square Footage – N/A

NOTE: All square footage numbers refer to air conditioned living space.

Porch and roof soffit can be vinyl. Plywood or metal soffits are prohibited.

Minimum 18 inches above curb measured at the center of the Unit.</