The NCC shall consider each site independently, but shall give extensive consideration to each individual plan’s impact upon adjacent homesites and view corridors. Care must be taken to locate each structure, whenever possible, so as not to infringe upon view corridors, adjacent structures and homesites, and natural amenities of the area. Consideration in this regard includes:

  1. Physical terrain of the site
  2. Views from the site
  3. Views to the site from adjacent lots
  4. Natural amenities
    • existing vegetation
    • existing water and drainage
    • channels
    • golf course
    • parks
    • open space
  5. Driveway access
  6. Height of structures

No bulldozing or clearing of trees shall be commenced until plans and specifications showing the nature, kind, shape and location of work have been submitted and approved by the NCC. Fill shall not be deposited at any location without prior NCC approval. Cuts and fills and drainage should be designed to complement the natural topography of the site. Each lot is responsible for drainage of all surfacewater within the confines of its own lot.

Setbacks shall be as described in the specific neighborhood supplement.

For some building lots within the community it may be impossible or inadvisable to develop setback requirements according to the previous standards due to natural terrain, lot configurations, and/or proximity of adjacent structures. Therefore, the Committee may approve specific deviations to these setbacks which it believes to be beneficial to a specific homesite or to adjacent homesites.