Indigo is a neighborhood of 27 large family homes that all border the Gray Plantation Golf Course. The size of these homes is a minimum of 2800 sq ft. and portray true French country architecture. The views from any of these homes is magnificent. Large live oak trees line the street for a true southern feel.



NOTE: This supplement in addition to and not in lieu of the general requirements of the Design Guidelines. Specific areas where variances are allowed are outlined below. Except as amended or modified for the neighborhood identified above, the General Design Guidelines shall apply.

Minimum Square Footage – 2800 sq. feet
Maximum Square Footage – N/A
NOTE: All square footage numbers refer to air conditioned living space.

Exterior Detail

All houses and related appendages must sit on a concrete foundation, enclosed floor slab or crawl space. The finished floor height shall be a minimum of 30 inches above street curb. (Refer to Neighborhood Supplemental Guidelines for specific neighborhood exceptions). Garages, however, may have slabs on existing grade.

All foundations above grade shall be finished with brick, stone, stucco, or NCC approved veneer. Exposed concrete or concrete block foundation walls are allowed if covered with a parge coating which hides mortar joint lines. Decorative block must be in keeping with the architectural character of the house and approved by the NCC.

Every neighborhood has a minimum finished floor elevation from top of curb. Now there is a maximum of 6″ (inches) above the