The following list summarizes those design elements which the New Construction Committee (NCC) requires:

  1. Preservation of the natural character of the site.
  2. Use of certified professionals, when possible, qualified in the fields of planning, architecture, landscape architecture, engineering, surveying, and construction.
  3. Emphasis on thoughtful architectural designs that exude warmth, artistic taste, and foster indigenous Southwest Louisiana design concepts to enhance a harmonious blend between the man-made environment and the natural character of Graywood.
  4. Architectural elements that complement and reinforce the natural characteristics of the site including steeply pitched roofs of varying heights with large overhangs, window openings, porches, and patios. An abundant use of glass, including dormers, clerestory windows, bay and bow windows. Careful and sensitive detailing on entrances, fascias, soffits, gable ends, above doors and windows is desired. Finally, an emphasis on materials such as brick, stone, stucco or wood, and overall, high-grade, quality construction.

The primary goal of the NCC is to review the application, plans, specifications, contractors, materials, and samples submitted and to determine if the proposition conforms in appearance and construction criteria with the standards and policy as set forth by the NCC. The NCC does not assume responsibility for the following:

The structural adequacy, capacity or safety features of the proposed improvement or structure.
Soil erosion, uncompactable or unstable soil conditions, or site/drainage elevations.
Compliance with any or all building codes, safety requirements, governmental laws, regulations or ordinances.
Performance or quality of work of any contractor.