The following rules apply to all employees of the building contractors and service personnel while on Graywood premises. These rules will be strictly enforced:

  1. Contractors are required to keep job sites clean of all trash. All lots must have dumpsters for trash and emptied regularly. There will be no stockpiling or dumping on adjacent lots or on streets. Construction materials are to be neatly piled on site; debris and rubbish are to be contained and periodically removed; tall, unsightly weeds are to be routinely cut back; streets adjoining a construction site are to be frequently swept clean of dirt and construction trash. Trash not removed will be removed and billed to the responsible contractor or subcontractor. Construction debris cannot be burned on site.
  2. All lots whether required by code or not must use silt fence to keep sediment from leaving the site onto the street.
  3. Where particularly offensive construction activities occur adjacent to a developed property or otherwise sensitive land use, the NCC may require the developer to erect a proper fence to screen that activity. The design of that fence must be approved by the NCC. Adjacent properties must also be protected from wind-born dust, debris, & construction traffic by installing a temporary construction fence. Fencing should be keep intack and free of weeds during the construction process.
  4. The installation and location of all temporary structures such as site trailers are discouraged and may be reviewed and regulated by the NCC.
  5. All vacant property shall be kept neat and cleared of debris, and shall be well and continuously maintained in its natural condition until construction commences on the property.
  6. Contractors will use only the utilities provided on the immediate site on which they are working.
  7. Any damage to streets and curbs, drainage inlets, street lights, street markers, mailboxes, walls, etc., will be repaired by Graywood and such costs billed to the responsible owner/builder. Any damage to sidewalks caused by the construction of the structure, delivering materials, equipment, utility work, or any other construction activity, will be repaired by the contractor. All street trees on a lot should be protected with temporary construction fencing.
  8. There will be no washing of any truck on the streets. Any concrete delivery truck washed out must be on your construction site.
  9. Operators of vehicles are required to see that they do not spill any damaging materials while within Graywood; and, if spillage of load occurs, operators are responsible for cleaning up. Clean-ups done by Graywood personnel will be billed to the responsible party. Please report any spills immediately.
  10. If any telephone, cable TV, electrical or water lines are cut, it is the contractor’s responsibility to report such an accident to Security personnel and appropriate utility within 30 minutes.
  11. All personnel working in Graywood are to ensure that they will keep all areas in which they work or travel through free of discarded materials such as lunch bags and odd materials. Objects should not be thrown out of cars and trucks. Stock piling of any materials on adjacent lots is not allowed.
  12. Loud radios or noise will not be allowed or tolerated within the project. This is distracting and discomforting to property owners and golfers alike. Normal radio levels are acceptable. Do not mount speakers on vehicles or outside of homes under construction. Remember that sound travels a long way on a windy day.
  13. All contractors and their employees must discontinue exterior work by dusk daily. During summer months, all exterior work should be halted at 8:30 pm.
  14. No vehicles (trucks, vans, cars, etc.) may be left in the subdivision overnight. Construction equipment may be left on site while needed but must not be kept on the street. Parking should be off streets whenever possible.
  15. ONLY bona fide workers are allowed on property. Persons may drive workers to site and pick them up but must not remain on property unless they are actual employees of the subcontractor.
  16. No contractor personnel will be permitted to bring pets on the property.
  17. Only Contractor signs mandated by the state can be displayed on the jobsite.
  18. For sale by owner signs must be the Standard Graywood “For Sale” signs.
  19. All lots that border the golf course or waterway, estuary, or drainage ditch must use temporary fence surrounding the property for debris containment to prevent the debris from contaminating the area. If contractor fails to contain trash, Graywood employees will clean up the debris and back-charge the builder’s deposit to recover the cost of cleanup.
All Homeowners and/or Contractors must comply with the following before any excavation, site clearing, or any construction of any kind can take place anywhere in Graywood, including homeowner yards, public right of ways, and or construction sites:

Contact DOTTIE at 1-800-272-3020. DOTTIE must make a site visit and visibly mark the existing utilities.


Call Carolyn Marcantel at (337) 602-6153, ext. #1

Failure to follow this procedure could result in fines up to $1,000 plus the damages for all shutdown costs of Gray Plantation, other construction projects or damages submitted by affected residents.

This notification process is for your own protection, safety, and consideration of your neighbors at Graywood. Large expensive events are frequently scheduled at Gray Plantation which are greatly affected by the interruption of power outages.




Carolyn Marcantel, Manager


Homeowner/Contractor Acknowledgement

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