Cypress Turn

Cypress Turn includes 15 townhome units and 4 courtyard homes. The sizes range from 2,000 – 3,000 sq. ft. two story units. Lawn and building maintenance is included in the homeowner’s association assessment (See schedule of fees for the assessment amount). These townhomes border Gray Bayou which provides a natural habitat for many species of waterfowl.

The courtyard homes are one story homes that look onto Gray Bayou. Lawn maintenance is provided (See schedule of fees for the assessment amount).



NOTE: This supplement in addition to and not in lieu of the general requirements of the Design Guidelines. Specific areas where variances are allowed are outlined below. Except as amended or modified for the neighborhood identified above, the General Design Guidelines shall apply.

Architectural Standards: See pre-approved plans.

Size modifications or enhancements to the pre-approved plans are not permitted without further review. Any new plans must be presented to the New Construction Committee (NCC) for approval. After close of sale from builder to homeowner, any exterior changes must be presented to the NCC for approval.

Square Footage Requirements:

  1. The minimum air-conditioned living area of any one-story residence shall be two thousand (2,000) square feet. In the case of a two-story residence the minimum air-conditioned living area of the ground floor shall be one thousand eight hundred (1,800) square feet.
  2. The maximum air-conditioned living area of any residence shall be three thousand (3,000) square feet.

Exterior Details

Minimum 18” above the curb measured from the top of curb at the center of the lot.
Wood or batten fiber cement (no plywood).
Pre-painted aluminum.
Brick, wood or fiber cement allowed under porches and as accents. Vinyl is prohibited.
Brick, wood or fiber cement. Vinyl is prohibited.
Shutters shall be proportionate in size to the windows. Shutters are required only on street facing windows. Shutter style is to be wood board and batten type. Operable and tie back shutters are optional, but their use is encouraged. Transom type windows to have dummy shutters below to simulate full-sized windows.
Vinyl with exterior mullions. Window pane arrangement in most cases will be either 2/2 vertical or 4/2 on long windows. There is no requirement for additional exterior window trim other than the trim that is an integral part of the window, provided the trim is a minimum of 3” wide. Screens will cover only the bottom sash. The use of obscure glass or glass blocks is not permitted.
Must match as closely as possible the style and color used on the Cypress Turn Townhomes.
All residences must have a garage. Single bay 2 car garage doors are allowed. No garage can be incorporated into the living area of the home without prior approval from the NCC.
All front (facing Gray Market Drive or Gray Bayou Pond) doors must be wood. Metal and fiberglass doors are allowed elsewhere on the residence. The use of sliding glass doors is prohibited. Lever entry handles will be allowed.[/toggle_fusion]

Exterior chimneys, if used, shall be constructed of material which must be consistent with the exterior of the house. Stucco or brick only.
Full architectural details are required for all decks and patios. Detailing of all patios and decks must be architecturally compatible with the home. Patios and decks shall be designed to serve as an extension of the house. Rails, pickets and underpinning must be painted white or to match the trim of the house. All deck flooring must be stained (light gray or color approved by NCC). Enclosed risers are required and must be painted.

Views to the underside of decks must be screened with underpinning (latticing or vertical slats, etc.) and/or landscape material large enough to provide screening upon installation. Decks more than 3’ above grade must have underpinning and plant materials.

Porch and covered entry stoop ceilings should be of wood bead board, v-groove or batten design with no visible perforation of joints.

Porch screening colors shall complement and blend with the house (Black or copper is preferred, green is not allowed). Aluminum framing and screen door may be allowed with prior approval by the NCC. Aluminum framing and screen door colors must be black or bronze only. No mill-finish aluminum will be allowed as a framing for a porch.

All houses must have a front porch or covered entry stoop. Decks, patios, and screened porches are allowed off the rear of the house.

Porches shall have a minimum projection of 8 feet. Covered entry stoops shall have a minimum front projection of 4 feet and a maximum projection of 6 feet. No porch shall exceed 12 feet in front projection. Porch floor treatments may include wood decking, brick, brick edged, and divided concrete, stone or tile. Composite materials for deck flooring is accepted, with approval of the NCC.

Minimum projection of 8 feet.[/fusion_toggles]

Wrought iron no less than 8 inches in diameter. – similar to columns used on the Cypress Turn Townhomes.
Exterior bracket, pendant, pier and/or post lighting, ceiling fans and porch swings shall be consistent with the architectural character of the house and proportioned accordingly. Ceiling fans and porch swings are encouraged on all porches. Light fixtures should be correctly proportioned to the house façade. Gas light bracket and post-mounted fixtures are acceptable. All lighting should be low level, non-glare type and located to cause minimal visual impact to adjacent streets and properties. Exterior spotlights or floodlights must be hooded to eliminate glare onto adjacent properties.

Post or column mounted lights must be drawn and submitted for approval by the NCC.

The use of gutters is required on the south roofline of Unit #’s 1, 2 & 3. It is highly recommended that all down spouts extend below grade and shall be connected to a subsurface drain or pop-up drain or discharge directly into a rock bed. Discharge onto driveways/sidewalks is prohibited. Corner downspouts that are within 10ft from the front corner of the home must discharge into a rock bed that is a minimum of 24 inches wide or subsurface with a pop up valve. Beyond 10ft. from the front corner, the downspout can discharge directly onto the lawn. If there are landscape beds, the downspouts must be through the bed and can discharge to the lawn at the edge of the bed.
Exterior colors will be from the color palette as submitted by Tupper Homes and approved by the NCC. The same siding color will not be used on adjacent homes.


  1. A servitude for the installation and maintenance of utilities, 15’ in width, is hereby established and created adjacent to the front property line of each Unit. The front property line shall be the easterly line adjacent to Gray Bayou Pond. Likewise, a servitude for the installation and maintenance of utilities, 15’ in width, is hereby established and created adjacent to the rear property line of each Unit. The rear property line shall be the westerly line adjacent to the Cypress Turn Townhomes. Likewise, a servitude for the installation and maintenance of utilities is hereby created on each Unit, and will be located where necessary, and be only as large as necessary, to run, connect, and maintain utility services to each residence. The location and size of these servitudes will be determined by, and at the sole discretion of, the Declarant, the Builder, and the utility providers. All dedications, limitations and reservations shown on any subdivision plat of the Property, grants and dedications of servitus, rights-of-ways and related rights made by Declarant affecting the Property are incorporated herein by reference and made a part of these Restrictions for all purposes, as if fully set forth herein, and shall be construed as being adopted in each and every contract, deed or conveyance executed or to be executed by or on behalf of Declarant conveying any part or portion of the Property.

  1. The front setback of all Units shall be a minimum of 15’-0” from their front property lines. The front property line shall be the easterly line adjacent to Gray Bayou Pond.
  2. The rear setback for all Units shall be a minimum of 20’-0” from their rear property lines. The rear property line shall be the westerly line adjacent to the Cypress Turn Townhomes.
  3. The north side setback of Unit # 1 shall be a minimum of 5’-0” from its north side property line. The north side setbacks of Unit #’s 2, 3 & 4 shall be a minimum of 3’-0” from their north side property lines. The south side set-backs of Unit #’s 1, 2 & 3 shall be a minimum of 3’-0” from their south side property lines. The south side set-back of Unit # 4 shall be a minimum of 6’-0” from its south side property line. No residence shall be closer to any other residence than 6’-0”.

All dimensions specified above shall be exclusive of roof overhangs.

Where natural drainage of adjoining lots is found to exist, nothing shall be done to obstruct or impede such natural drainage. Likewise, nothing shall be done to alter, obstruct, or impede any drainage improvements made by Declarant or Builder.

Driveways shall be a minimum of 20 feet wide and a minimum of 20 feet deep from the face of the garage doors to insure parking for 2 cars.

  1. Unit #1 – north side fencing, if used, shall be open fencing, i.e. aluminum or wrought iron. Closed fencing is not allowed. Screening, if necessary or desired, can be accomplished with landscaping in lieu of fencing.
  2. All Units – courtyard fencing to be maximum 6 foot tall brick or wrought iron fencing or a combination of brick and wrought iron installed by Builder.

If any homeowner chooses to add or modify fencing at a later date, owner must submit to the NCC for approval.

The cost of landscaping and sod for each Unit shall be equal to or exceed 1.5% of the original contract price of the Unit. All front yards, the north side of Lot #1, and the south side of Lot #4 shall be landscaped. Landscaping of all other side and back yards is not required, but encouraged. All lawn areas not landscaped shall have sod. Irrigation of a Unit is not required, but is encouraged. All landscaping shall be in conformance with the concept plan submitted by Builder and pre-approved by the NCC.

Exterior screening of trash containers and mechanical and utility equipment is required.

Each owner shall use the Cypress Turn community mailboxes.

The NCC shall consider each site independently, but shall give extensive consideration to each individual plan’s impact upon adjacent homesites and view corridors. Care must be taken to locate each structure, whenever possible, so as not to infringe upon view corridors, adjacent structures and homesites, and natural amenities of the area. Consideration in this regard includes:

  1. Physical terrain of the site
  2. Views from the site
  3. Views to the site from adjacent lots
  4. Natural amenities
    • existing vegetation
    • existing water and drainage
    • channels
    • golf course
    • parks
    • open space
  5. Driveway access
  6. Height of structures

No bulldozing or clearing of trees shall be commenced until plans and specifications showing the nature, kind, shape and location of work have been submitted and approved by the NCC. Fill shall not be deposited at any location without prior NCC approval. Cuts and fills and drainage should be designed to complement the natural topography of the site. Each lot is responsible for drainage of all surfacewater within the confines of its own lot.

Recreational Items

Swimming pools are not permitted on the street side of the residence without permission of the NCC.

Accessory structures, such as playhouses or doghouses, shall be permitted only with specific written approval of the NCC. No tool sheds or other exterior buildings will be allowed.

No decorative objects such as sculptures, birdbaths, fountains, and the like shall be placed or installed on any lot without approval of the NCC. Fountains may be erected in the front and sides cape of the home, only if in a courtyard, where it’s not seen from the street or golf course and approved by the NCC. In the rear of the home, fountains may be erected if massed properly by landscaping, but must also be approved by the NCC.

Clotheslines shall not be permitted on lots.

Tennis Courts are allowed only with the permission of the NCC.

Basketball goals must be mounted on freestanding black metal poles and have clear backboards. Goals should be located in side or rear yards and oriented for minimal visual impact from the street. Submit site plan for approval. Basketball goals mounted to the house structure are not permitted.

Play equipment shall be allowed, however, restrictions of their location and screen shall be enforced. All play equipment shall be restricted to backyards. Brightly colored metal equipment is discouraged. Wood and recycled play equipment is highly encouraged. Trampolines are not allowed in the neighborhoods of Camellia, Primrose, Azalea, and Cypress due to size of the property and lawn maintenance issues.

Blow up toys and Jumping-Air-Houses can be up for a maximum of three days.

Recreational Vehicles

All permanent vehicles are to be parked within a garage. Lawn equipment and Recreational vehicles, such as boats, motor homes, and campers may only be stored on-site a maximum of 24 hours unless fully garaged. Otherwise, they shall be stored in an area off-site.

The use of unlicensed non street legal recreational vehicles, including golf car, four wheelers, go carts, motorized scooters, off road vehicles, or any other type of non licensed recreational vehicle, on the city streets, sidewalks, cart paths, trails, privately owned lots, or on surrounding Graywood property is strictly prohibited.

Boats, rafts, or other recreational equipment is not allowed on any waterways or body of water within Graywood.

Unit #’s 1, 2 & 3 shall have a “Special Exterior Wall” on their south side. This wall is to be of brick veneer construction. Typical windows, doors, or other similar openings shall not be allowed on the “Special Exterior Wall” of any said Unit. However, fixed windows are allowed provided the bottom of the window is a minimum of 84” above the finished floor of the Unit. In the case of any of the said Units being a two-story residence, the second floor shall not have any windows, doors, or other similar openings that face the adjacent Unit to the south.

An easement is granted to the residence containing a Special Exterior Wall for the purpose of utilizing ladders and other equipment as may be required to maintain or repair a Special Exterior Wall or other exterior portions of the structure or the roof of his residence. Such easement shall be of a temporary nature and shall exist only for such a reasonable period of time as is required to make such repairs or perform such maintenance. Such temporary easement shall extend onto the adjacent lot for only such distance as is reasonably required to undertake and perform such maintenance and repair work. The owners or occupants of the residence containing a Special Exterior Wall shall have the right to enter the lot adjacent to said wall as is reasonably necessary for the purpose of maintenance and repairs as stated above. Such access shall be permitted only at reasonable times and during daylight hours and with the prior knowledge of the owners or occupants of the adjacent residence. Pest control service is included in this right of access. The owner or occupants of the residence containing a Special Exterior Wall, after completing such maintenance or repairs to said residence, shall repair or replace any damage to the courtyard of the adjacent residence, including but not limited to fencing, plantings, etc., that may have resulted from his activities
The owners or occupants shall be prohibited from attaching anything to any Special Exterior Wall or from altering it in any way, and shall not take any action that shall interfere with the owners or occupants of any residence, including, but not limited to, refraining from attaching any objects to said wall, such as wires, trellises, plantings, etc., or allowing any such items to come into contact with the wall; defacing the wall in any manner, placing graphics, or other design work (whether painted or otherwise) on this special exterior wall, or using the special exterior wall as a playing surface for any sport. These restrictions pertaining to Special Exterior Walls stated above shall also apply to any fences and/or privacy walls between two residences. The front courtyard fencing of each residence is exempt from this restriction.

Subject to the Repair & Maintenance Easement and the Restrictions on Owners described above, a perpetual and exclusive Courtyard and Landscaping Easement is hereby created on the property of Unit #’s 1, 2 & 3 adjacent to their south side property lines extending north to the brick facade of each said Unit. Each adjacent Unit to the south of each said Unit is granted perpetual and exclusive use of these Courtyard and Landscaping Easements as a permanent part of their courtyard and landscaping areas. No immovable property shall be placed in this easement other than fencing, privacy walls, etc. installed by Builder. Builder shall furnish each Owner with a Landscaping Plan indicating any Landscaping Easements on, or adjacent to, their Unit and how the Landscape Easements are to be used.

It shall be the responsibility of the owners or occupants of each Unit to take appropriate measures, whether by landscaping or otherwise to protect his Unit from water running off of his or an adjacent Unit’s roof. However, neither the Declarant, the Builder, nor any owner shall have any liability or otherwise be responsible to any owner for any damage caused by such runoff.