The committee strongly recommends that the window trim be at least 4 inches measured from the inside edge of the brick or siding trim to the glass edge as illustrated. This picture shows a piece of brick mould trim added to the window at the factory to achieve the 4 inch dimension. The committee has adopted an absolute minimum standard of 3 inches in width.

Exterior shutters must be equal to one half the window width and equal to the window height. Tie back hardware is required regardless if the shutters are operable or stationary. Some neighborhood guidelines may require that the shutters be operable. Please check your neighborhood guidelines for compliance.

Chimneys must be treated in brick or stucco. Arched copper chimney covers and/or brick that matches the rest of the house is preferred. Please refer to the chimney section of the guidelines for more information. The use of siding of any kind is not permitted.

The use of concrete columns is strongly recommended. Wood or stucco columns are allowed. Beam wraps should be constructed of either hardy board or real wood. Stucco, vinyl or metal is not allowed on beams.

These photos represent the preferred construction of a courtyard fence or wall. Fountains are allowed but must be concealed from view from the street by a solid wall or fence. Fountains placed in the back yard must be screened by full size landscaping. All fountains must be submitted for approval and their location reflected on the landscape plan. Please review the landscape section of the guidelines for more information.

Landscape beds must be curved and the A/C unit well screened with plants.