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Effective January 1, 2009, Association Management Inc., (AMI) was named as the managing agent for the Graywood Homeowners Association¸Inc.  AMI was established in Houston, Texas in 1979 exclusively to manage community associations.  In 2013, AMI merged with  FirstService Residential and now one of the largest managing agents in the nation.  Our goal is, and always has been, to provide homeowners the best possible service and value.  For more information or questions, please contact us.


FirstService Residential
Sara Lee, Community Manager

5295 Hollister

Houston, Texas 77040

(713) 932-1122

1 -800-932-9449


Carolyn Marcantel, Local Community Manager

(337) 602-6153,  Ext. #1



 Edye Shuff, Community Coordinator
  (337)  602-6153, Ext #2




Home Owners Manual

  • Welcome
  • Clubhouse
  • Park
  • Construction Regs.
  • Golf Carts
  • Excavation
  • Golf
  • Security
  • Fines Policy

Welcome to Graywood, a new way of living in Southwest Louisiana.  

Our staff is constantly working to present our property owners with the finest lifestyle any area has to offer.  Over 2000 acres of beautiful landscaping and lush views surround our extensive list of community amenities including miles of sidewalks to meet and greet neighbors and the Graywood Park, Fishing Pier and Playground. For your sporting and social pursuits, we have added the nationally ranked Gray Plantation Golf Course in your own backyard; a 20,000 square foot clubhouse; an active social calendar; and our state-of-the-art Sports Club.

As a property owner, you receive complimentary access to the Gray Plantation clubhouse. We host several fun and exciting social events throughout the year that are open to all property owners. We also encourage you to consider joining your fellow neighbors as a resident member of the Gray Plantation Golf Course and/or the Sports Club at Graywood as these amenities have been developed to provide additional value and enhanced activities and programs for the entire family.

The first thing you need to do as a new property owner is schedule an appointment with our local Community Coordinator, Edye Shuff or email her at edye@graywoodllc.com. Edye will help you begin the process of getting familiar with your new community and make arrangements for your resident cards and security stickers. They are your admission to our park, fishing pier and identify your personal vehicles.
It is essential that you carefully read the information in the Homeowner's Manual. This document provides very important information that will allow you to fully enjoy our amenities and be a good neighbor.

Graywood is and will continue to be committed to building lasting relationships with our property owners through established high standards, continuous growth, and nurturing an atmosphere of value and pride.  I am so pleased to be able to welcome you as a new property owner at Graywood.


Gene Dark

Chief Operating Officer


Gray Plantation Clubhouse


In the heart of the Graywood community also rests the exquisitely designed Gray Plantation Clubhouse. With extraordinary surroundings allowing you to experience a multitude of events in the 20,000-square-foot plantation style Clubhouse. Families and neighbors celebrate the joy of all the holidays together as a community in a warm and welcoming atmosphere. Themed dinners and fun galas are also frequently planned for your enjoyment.


The Clubhouse exemplifies Southern charm with its large columns and wide verandas. Members and residents can relax while enjoying sweeping views of the golf course from expansive windows throughout. If you just can't get enough of the sunny outdoors, sip on a cool drink in the breeze or eat on the oversized porch overlooking the 18th hole. The view is spectacular.


Dining takes on a casual flair in the Cypress Grill where you can view your favorite sporting and news events on large plasma screens while savoring the wonderful flavors of Louisiana.



Graywood Park And Fishing Pier Exclusive for Resident Fun


fishingkids.jpgGraywood Park and Fishing Pier is reserved exclusively for the private use of our property owners and residents. We encourage you to make it a family place where children and adults can enjoy quality time together. Please observe the following rules so that it is safe for all ages:

  • Outside guests are welcome to use the park but must be accompanied by an owner. Immediate family may enjoy the park even if you are not present as long as they can present your Graywood ID card.
  • Guests on the Fishing Pier are limited to one per visit and a resident must be present.
  • Adult supervision is required at all times.
  • Swimming or use of a boat in Lake Opal is not allowed
  • Safety prohibits glass containers in the park or fishing pier.
  • Graywood Park is off limits to motorized vehicles.
  • Private parties are allowed but must be scheduled with management in advance. There is a $75 clean up fee assessed for all private functions held in Graywood Park.
  • Graywood Park and Fishing Pier closes at 9:00pm daily.
  • Lake Opal is the only lake in Graywood where fishing is allowed.


Course Maintenance and Conditioning

Scott Ledet, Course Superintendent

Phone: 337-562-8496



hole6.jpg There are over 15 employees that work full time to maintain Gray Plantation Golf Course. In order to keep our national rankings, like Golf Digest’s Top 100 Public Courses, it takes superior conditioning. Children on the course can cause serious damage but more important is the fact that it is a serious safety issue. We can understand the attraction of children to the sand. We need your help in warning your children of the dangers of being on such a busy course.


Thank you for your cooperation. I feel it is my privilege to be able to be a resident of Graywood and serve as Course Superintendent of Gray Plantation. Together we can work to insure that the degree of excellence we strive to reach is achieved.


Construction Regulations

The master planned community of Graywood presents residents the finest lifestyle that Southwest Louisiana has to offer. In order to insure that residents are impacted as little as possible during construction, Graywood is committed to enforcing the new construction policy and procedures. You may contact Carolyn Marcantel New Construction Manager at (337) 602-6153, Ext. #1 for all your construction needs.

Graywood Architectural Guidelines outline all you need to know to begin construction of a new home. Please refer to the site for all your construction questions.


  1. No dirt work, removal of trees, or construction can begin until the approval process has been completed by the New Construction Committee.
  2. All vacant property shall be kept neat and clean of debris, and shall be well and continuously maintained in its natural condition until construction commences on the property.
  3. All house plans must be submitted for approval to the New Construction Committee before construction can begin.


  1. The operator of a golf cart shall obey all motor vehicle laws and ordinances applicable to operation of a motor vehicle on roadways and streets of the City of Lake Charles, State of Louisiana (LA.R.S.32:299.4) and shall not operate the golf cart in a criminally negligent or reckless manner.
  2. Golf cart owners must maintain the minimum current liability insurance required by the State of Louisiana, (LA R.S. 32.900(B) on the golf cart at all times.
  3. The operator of a golf cart must have a current valid vehicle driver’s license in accordance with State of Louisiana (LA R.S. 32:299.4).
  4. The golf cart owner will be solely responsible and liable for the operation of the golf cart and for all acts arising out of the ownership and operation of the golf cart.
  5. All golf members must register their cart at the Gray Plantation Pro Shop.  Green decals represent golf member paying trail fees.  All golf member cart owners who travel the City streets within Graywood must obey the State of Louisiana laws for use of golf carts as stated above.


Click Here to Download / Print / and Sign the Policy


Graywood Excavation Notification

All homeowners and/or contractors must comply with the following before any excavation, site clearing, or construction of any kind can take place anywhere in Graywood. This includes homeowner’s yards, public right-of-ways, and construction sites:


  • Contact DOTTIE at 1-800-272-3020. Dottie must make a site visit and visibly mark the existing utilities.
  • No excavation is allowed from Friday through Sunday without special permission.


Failure to follow this procedure could result in fines of up to $1,000 plus the Damages for All Shutdown Costs of Gray Plantation or affected residents. This process is for the protection, safety, and consideration of everyone at Graywood.

Gray Plantation Golf Rules and Procedures

One of the most wonderful privileges of living in Graywood is such convenient access to nationally ranked Gray Plantation Golf Course. There are special benefits to you as a resident. The following is a list of course procedures and an explanation of resident only perks:


  • As a resident of Graywood you receive special rates on private membership.
  • If you do choose to become a member, a Gray Plantation Membership ID card will be issued by the ProShop for easy access to private membership exclusives.
  • Only resident members can own a golf cart. There is a small fee and contract required. Like model Club Cars are required and must be approved before purchase is made. Private cart owners must also allowthe ProShop to inspect the cart before taking it out on the course for the first time.
  • The trail fee covers all family members under your membership. Guests, however, are required to pay a cart fee.
  • Cart path rules are to be observed at all times and instructions will be given by the starter or the ProShop.
  • Use of your golf cart is allowed on the streets of Graywood and on Gray Plantation Golf Course but must be driven by a licensed driver. This is a safety issue and will be enforced.
  • Resident members are free to play The Gray in the evenings with your family. If you start after the ProShop is closed you must walk or use your private golf cart.
  • During regular hours all players are required to sign in with the ProShop before playing. We do require a tee time and a starter will let you know when to tee off.
  • Golfers must check in with the ProShop before 6:00pm to use the driving range. Driving range closes at dark in fall and winter months and 7:30pm in spring and summer.
  • The driving range located in the back is for members only. You may bring only one guest to the back if space is available.


Upon completion of play, clubs should be placed on the bag rack or in your vehicle. They may not be left in the clubhouse.

Security at Graywood Top Priority


Your safety and sense of security while on property is extremely important to the Graywood staff. I would like to review with you the procedure you should follow in case of emergency. Graywood is located within the city limits of Lake Charles and if you require immediate assistance or need to report suspicious activity of any kind please call 911. The call will first be rated according to the threat of immediate danger and then routed to either the Lake Charles City Police or the Calcasieu Parish Sheriff’s Office. If there is a need for further follow up during regular business hours, you may call the Sheriff’s Office (491-3700) and ask to speak to Detective Jason McRright. He is on a retainer for Graywood and will act as a personal contact for property owners needing assistance that is not an emergency. If Detective McRight is unavailable ask for Detective Lesley Blanchard. Please also feel free to call my office and report any issues of concern that do not warrant a 911 call. Graywood is a place where we want you and your family to feel safe and secure. Please do your part by immediately reporting dangerous or suspicious activity to the proper authorities.



Graywood Homeowners Association.
February ,2011

Fines for Non-Compliance with the Homeowner’s Association Deed Restrictions

In accordance Section 7.4 Compliance and Enforcement , of the Declaration, Covenants, Conditions and Restrictions for Graywood. It is hereby resolved by the Board of Directors for the Graywood Homeowners Association, that henceforth fines will be assessed for certain violations of the Deed Restrictions. Notice from the association of an existing violation will be sent by letter advising of non-compliance. The violation notice demands corrective action must be taken within 30 days of said notice. Properties with deed violations remaining after the 30 day period are subject to a fine according to the schedule below. Lack of, or improper, maintenance of property:

First Offense: Fine of $125.00
Second Offense: Fine of $250.00
Subsequent Offenses: Fine of $250.00
This includes, but not limited to, unauthorized structures viewable from any street; unauthorized landscape improvements; trash, junk, debris, trash cans left on the street past normal trash pick-up day; lack of watering, mowing, edging or weeding lawns and flower beds. Failure to repair exterior damage to the property; relocating, painting, or removing fences. Or anything else, in accordance with the Declaration, Covenants, and Restriction that may detract from the overall appearance of the community.

Creating a nuisance or safety hazard:

First Offense: Fine of $125.00
Second Offense: Fine of $250.00
Subsequent Offenses: Fine of $250.00
This includes, but not limited to: illegal parking or driving of unlicensed vehicles on streets, sidewalks or grass. Operation of unregistered golf carts in the community. Operating a golf cart outside of the golf cart policy established for Graywood. Any other action by a resident (s) which impinges on the rights of other members of the community to enjoy the use of their property, and as may be determined by the Board of Directors to be a nuisance or safety hazard.
Destroying or defacing community property:
This is a criminal offense and violators will be prosecuted by local law enforcement.
Nonpayment of fines will result in a lien against the property and the use of a collection agency or attorney to insure fines are paid. All collection costs will be in addition to the fines imposed.

Appeal. Homeowners have the right to bring the case before a Graywood Appeals Committee, for review of the facts, within 30 days after receipt of the first letter of non-compliance and before fines are imposed by the Board of Directors. The Appeals Committee will then make a recommendation to the Board based on their findings.